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We made our first trip to Nicaragua in 2004 to help build a small medical clinic in a remote mountain village. Each time we go we learn something new about how to work as partners with others. Perhaps learning to listen is the most important lesson. We now begin our community development work by meeting with members of the community to listen to what they identify as their most important needs and hopes. We are often surprised. One community on a remote island told us that one of the most important needs was rubber boats and ponchos for the children. Why? There are no roads and during the raining season the children have to walk to school on muddy trails. Without rubber boots and ponchos they cannot go to school. Would you have thought of this?

Over the years our team has grown with the addition of new volunteers. Many of them have had valuable career experiences that they want to use to help others. We are able to complete important projects because we have this group of experienced people who donate their time and resources. International Community Partners helps organize and coordinate this treasure of talent and experience.

Please take time to meet our board members. As you read their resumes of experience you will understand how we are able to take on important projects with a minimum of expense. They often go on trips at their own expense for hands on work with community partners. Dr. Robert Christie, a retired dentist and board member, has volunteered several months each year sharing his talents.

We believe the most important work in community development is building long term relations. Our mission is to bring churches, organizations and individuals in the United States into a sharing relation with communities in the developing world. We do the initial contact and develop projects identified by the community. We then help another group take over and continue the developing work as a sponsoring organization. These relationships become both productive and deeply meaningful.

Our understanding of "partners" has grown. One of our major projects now is helping small charity organizations get expert help and resources for their programs. Since they are already doing a good work, helping them expand their work is even better than trying to do it ourselves. Our team is gaining experience and having success in doing this.

Small is beautiful, and personal is even more beautiful. We develop projects large enough to make a difference in the lives of people, but small enough to allow personal involvement. If you would like to know about these opportunities please contact us.

Rubber Boots and Ponchos

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