Committment: Because of the commitment, experience, and contributions of our Board members and volunteers, we have no paid staff or office expenses. All contributions are used for present projects and for future projects we are developing. Below is a list of projects for which you may designate your gift. Any donation not designated will be used for these and similar projects.


Katie Vanuatu Relief: Your donations will go directly to Baitora, Maewo Village where Katie is currently working with the Peace Corp to rebuild this village after the devistation of Cyclone Pam in March 2015.  All funds designated for this effort will go for supplies, tools, garden seeds and items of critical importance.  Additionally they may be used to supply food to the village during the critical time after the Cyclone.

Clean Water: Clean water is the most important requirement for good health. Because families are so scattered, a central well is not practical. We provide individuals families with water filter units that are very effective. By building the units in country, and using local sand and gravel we are able to keep the cost to $80.00 to $100.00 a family. This includes extensive education for how to use and maintain the filters.

Dental Office Equipment: The government health department asked us to help them establish 2 dental offices in remote communities. We are able to get good used equipment donated for the offices. We have to buy electric generators and suction pumps. One of the largest costs is shipping the equipment. We need $5,000 to complete a dental office. The health department has also asked us to help them establish community health clinics in remote communities.

Resources and Needs: One of the most cost effective programs is matching organizations in the US with organizations in Nicaragua. We are constantly looking for organizations who want to contribute their expertise to projects in poor countries. Through our relations with in country organizations, we are able to bring the organizations together.

Community Health Education: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We help provide community health education on basic and important prevention information. We believe there is a good return on investment by teaching people how to take responsibility for improving their family health. A community health seminar cost $500.

Library Books: There are 9 small schools on the islands. There are no library books for the children. The islands have developed a library boat that takes books to each school twice a month. This cost approximately $1,000 a year for each school. Your contribution helps with the education of children.

Sewing Self-Help Projects: One way we help people help themselves is with our sewing machine projects. We have developed three new projects. We provide 5 new sewing machines. We train the women to use the machines with a goal of helping them make craft projects to sell. The training cost more than the machines, but is necessary for success. The total cost for a project is $4,000. We will develop new projects as we have the resources needed.

Small Vegetable Development: Many poor people where we work make less than $2.00 a day. They try to raise their own food for their families. They have expressed a need to know more about raising small vegetable crops for their own consumption. We are looking for an agriculture intern to teach them how to do this more effectively. We estimate the expenses for this person for travel and one month living on the island would be $1,200.

Please send donations to:
International Community Partners
Donna Scott, Treasurer
4064 Loomis
Muskegon, Michigan 49441

We are a 501(c) 3 nonprofit charity. All contributions are tax deductible



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