Even before the earthquake in Haiti there were 10,000 charities working there. This raises the question of how organizations work together without competing with each other and without duplicating their work. Resources are too greatly needed to be wasted.

A commitment to cooperation and helping others in their good work is required. This is one meaning of the word "Partners" in our name. Yes, we partner with remote communities in helping develop their ability to improve their lives. But in doing this we must also partner with other organizations to get the maximum benefit from everyone's effort. Collaboration results in more people getting the help they need. Who gets the credit is not important. Persons in need getting help are important. So we partner with:

  • Government Agencies to make the best use out of their resources and experience.
  • Other Charity organizations in order to use their special expertise and experience.     
  • After we learn what people identify as their greatest needs, we act asbrokers of services to get other organization involved in meeting these needs.
  • Churches and individuals who want to have a project they can work in over time.

Anyone who would like to join our team and share in planning and working on projects.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about how we work. We welcome your personal participation in our mission.

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