Working to establish relationships with individuals, communities and churches has been our focus and we continue to expand our reach globally to assist those people in developing countries.  We have many projects that we have completed and others that are ongoing.  Contact us today to learn how you can contribute to these projects.

Baitora, Maewo and Vanuatu Islands

Katie Peckler was first introduced to mission work on a trip to the Islands of Solentiname in 2007 when she and her brother John went to Nicaragua with a team from Muskegon, Michigan.  After graduating from college she joined the Peace Corp and found herself in the Indian Ocean north of Australia and Figi in Baitora, Maewo in Vanuatu Islands.  Although there are over 40 Peace Corp volunteers throughout this region she operates independantly in this small village of over 200 residents.   Katie lives in a small thatched hut, has learned their native language and has learned to cook, grow her own vegetables and adjust to a life style hard for most of us to imagine.


Recently Vanuatu has made global headlines as they took a direct hit from the catagory 5 Cyclone Pam. This tiny island is now facing a challenging feat of not only repairing the many homes and structures damaged by the cyclone, but additionally finding a way to restore fresh water and food to the islands.  As Katie returns to her village after the storm she has refocused her efforts and will now be working feverishly to replant the garden areas washed out and assist with emergency relief efforts that will require supplies, food and water for the many that have lost everything.


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Katie's First Mission Trip

First Mission Trip

Katie's Home Away From Home

People from Katie's village

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